We will use this time to discuss your current usage of Linkedin along with a short dive into your goals to determine if Prospectio is the right solution for your business and goals.

Automation has grown to have sometimes a negative connotation behind it thanks to fly by night software and plugins that only focus on the basics and result in spam like outcomes.

We have combined both the power of AI and human engagement to create a solution that sustainable.

Absolutely not! We believe in efficiency and practice what we preach. Our solution is simple, our pricing is public and the ball is in your court.

Because we have humans working behind the scenes for your results we can not offer free trials for our full service solutions.

Our Lite version which is DIY is extremely affordable and allows you to get going right away all on your own.

No we work with out clients to create a long lasting strategy from day one, although we understand things change which is why we offer a month to month payment solution.

Yes, we are constantly improving for our power partners and take every partner in as an opportunity to improve and grow.

Let us know how we can tailor this solution to you and your clients!

We can only guarantee our ability to generate the connections you are seeking and the average number of positive responses based on historical data. We can not guarantee sales nor do we claim to.

Anyone who proposes that guarantee should be questioned.

Industry varying and Linkedin profile varying we typically see the results around 5-10 days.

As mentioned on our website we typically see 400-500 new targeted connections monthly along with a 20-28% positive response rate to the offers our clients are providing.

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