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If you knew LinkedIn was the only place to prospect for your B2B customers, why go anywhere else?

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The Power of Prospectio

4+ Hours Saved Daily

Our Linkedin solution will shave off 4+ hours of daily prospecting for you instantly thanks to AI and automations.

Targeted Connections

Stop wasting time connecting with people who do not need what you have to offer.

More Conversations

The goal is to speak with as many qualified prospects as possible daily, right? That is exactly what our platform allows you to do.

Appointment Scheduling

We offer a fully hands-off solution for you. Tell us your calendar of choice and your appointments will appear as they're converted.

Real Time Tracking

Done are the days of not knowing the results of all those connection requests, half way conversations and countless hours of smartphone screen time.

100% Linkedin Compliant

Unlike many options in the market our solution is 100% compliant with Linkedin's community guidelines.

No Hassle Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straight forward. We want our clients to gain the best results at the most affordable rate possible.

Can You Afford To
Not Be Using This?

Our solution turns your Linkedin into a well oiled machine! Connections + Conversations = More Deals!

Grow your B2B business while focusing on the areas that need your attention. Closing deals!

As business to business professionals we understood the difficulty very quickly that surround prospecting on Linkedin. So, we made a change and created a solution for our own prospecting. If you build it they will come, that can’t be more true.

Eventually our clients began asking us if we could do this for their business and the simple answer was YES! This led to our customer facing solution that is going to drive your business to the next level!

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