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Prospectio Lite puts your Linkedin on autopilot. No networking just conversations that you can convert.

Let's talk about why you're not using Linkedin to its fullest. We already know!

What it does for you!

In simple you pay us $99 per month and we provide you with over 500 new connections per month to sell to.

Auto Targeting

Tell us who to target and that is who you will connect with. It's that simple.

Converasation Starter

Our software will get the conversation started. The rest is up to you to do your magic.

Real Time Reports

Check your number of new connections, message replies and more in real time.

Referral Rewards

If you are happy with our solution, spread the word an earn!

Why most professionals are failing with Linkedin

There are 3 core barriers that prevent reaching the true ROI that Linkedin has to offer your business.

  • Targeting
    Linkedin targeting can get quite overwhelming even with the support of Sales Navigator, the more options the more confusing it becomes. Targeting can take several hours per day and ultimately you have to go back and manually track who connected and who did not.
  • Conversation
    Assuming you have found a way to keep track of all the people you’ve sent connection requests to, now it’s time to start talking to them. Add an additional hour to your prospecting for retracing your steps to determine who you have connected with.
  • Organizing and Tracking
    Ok, so you have found the time and energy to go through all these obstacles that Linkedin prospecting puts in front of you. Now you have to organize all your efforts in a database or CRM of a sort. Unfortunately Linkedin does not make this a simple step.

What Could You Do With 500+ New Prospects Monthly?

We do not know what your close rate is, what your sales process looks like, or what your average deal size is, but we know that gaining 500+ targeted new connections monthly that you can offer your service or product to is a great start to figuring that out!

What Our Customers Are Saying?

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John Doe

Product Designer at Dribbble

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Jane Doe

UX Engineer at Behance

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Bob Doe

UI Designer at Flickr

Frequently Asked Questions

Well that is totally up to you. Prospectio is a prospecting solution that eliminates time spent finding your ideal client/customer and then connects with them for you.

Once we get the conversation started it is your job to get in there and do what you do best.

Simple, just take a look at your Linkedin direct messages. We recommend sorting by unread messages. After that simply look at who positively responded and start working that lead.

Because we are fully compliant with Linkedin and their guidelines we limit the number of connection requests to 2400 per user.

This ensures the safety of your account and typically yields between 400-600 new connections monthly.

Keep in mind these are people who can actually use your service or product.

We guarantee two things and two things only.

  1. Your account will never be penalized, shut down, or shadow banned.
  2. If we do not generate you 300 new connections who are in your requested target market per month we will credit you the entire month.

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