Only 2% Of Sales
Are Made During The First Contact!

This means businesses stand to lose potentially 98% of their sales leads if they do not follow up.

4+ Hours Saved Daily

Follow up is the single most time consuming part of the sales funnel. Let's keep you focused on sales calls and let our automations do the rest.

Text Messages Are Always Seen

Unlike solely using email to follow u, text message campaigns are up 98% in open rate and nearly are always seen.

Emails That Get Opened

Emailing is still widely regarded and there is a reason for it. Emails are still opened at a 20% in 2020 according to Hubspot.

Booking & Re-booking

Let our dedicated assistant handle the followup process. He or she will book or re-book your appointments. Remember the goal is to be on calls not leaving voicemails.

Real Time Tracking

We'll ensure you have a clean pipeline and can always see your results at a glance.

Ditch The DIY

The average cost of all technology subscriptions needed to properly nurture your leads is over $600 according to

What does your
follow up process look like?

Our solution turns your Linkedin into a well oiled machine! Connections + Conversations = More Deals!

No Hassle Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straight forward. We want our clients to gain the best results at the most affordable rate possible.


The essentials


Per month


Fore those who have a long term


Per month

We know that all great sales people hate following we're going to do it for you! It's that simple!

Most sales professionals excel when talking to prospects not leaving voicemails, sending emails and text messages for follow up.

So why waste another minute spending time on processes that you don’t want to be involved in and more importantly shouldn’t be!

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